The 9 Best Photo Editing Software in 2023

Editing Software

Good photo software is capable of making a mediocre photo breathtaking. If the filters of a social network like Instagram are not enough to sublimate your photo, you can use dedicated photo editing software with classic or advanced features.

Mastering editing software takes time. You can also hire a freelance graphic designer by posting an ad on to entrust your photo editing to a professional.

Here is a selection of the best photo editing software to make your photos look amazing.

1. Adobe Lightroom

It is one of the most powerful and popular photo editing software. This paid software is available in two versions:

The Lightroom classic version allows the integration of powerful plug-ins.

Adobe products are considered the industry standard for image editing software. But what makes Adobe Lightroom so popular?

First of all, the interface of this software is clear and simple to use, which is not the case of Photoshop which turns out to be more complex to use.

All your tools are centralized on one panel, which makes Lightroom very intuitive. Finally, once the software has been downloaded to your computer, you have access to a guided presentation of each module.

2. Photoshop CC

The latest 2021 edition of Photoshop software is of course among the best photo editing software available. Adobe Photoshop CC offers incredible features for outstanding photo renderings. If this software is difficult to use for beginners, it is precisely because of the number of features it offers.

Photoshop takes patience, but once you get familiar with this photo editing software, you’ll be able to create and save a custom workspace. Even though this software seems difficult to master, a step-by-step approach will get you high-quality image results .

3. Canvas photo editor

You probably know Canva , the popular graphic design platform. Canva Photo Editor is perfect for editing your photos if you don’t have any expertise in this area. To use it, simply upload your image and edit it by resizing it, adding filters or drawing directly on it.

This free editor will be of great help to you to retouch all your photos. It is a very easy to use software, accessible to all but also powerful. Canvas photo Editor presents basic functions but also advanced functions to retouch your images.


This powerful software for retouching photos has certain points in common with Photoshop. This is a free online photo editing software that makes photo editing quick and easy.

Pixlr offers a clear and intuitive interface and a multitude of advanced features that will be very useful for you to obtain professional results.


GIMP is a professional and free photo editing software. It has all the essential features for editing your images . Its interface is clear and intuitive but also customizable. In particular, you can customize the tools, color and widgets on your work interface.

GIMP is accessible to beginners and includes a built-in file manager. It is a very good alternative to Lightroom or Photoshop to edit your photos.

6 .Picmonkey

Here is another photo editing software accessible online and perfect for developing your graphic design skills. Picmonkey allows you to edit your images, retouch them, crop them or even make collages . Take a free trial to test all the features of Picmonkey and let your creativity run wild.

You can also use this software to add graphics and design stunning images for your social media or website.

7. Photo Scape X

Are you new to graphic design but want to use advanced features worthy of Photoshop? You can edit your photos on PhotoScape and use advanced features such as filters, color pickers or stamps. This software also allows you to process images in batches.

You can watch video tutorials to learn how to use all PhotoScape X features .

8. Luminar 4

Luminar uses artificial intelligence in photo editing. In particular, you can replace the sky in one click! This photo editing software is a good alternative to Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. It also exists as a plug-in for Lightroom. Luminar is rapidly evolving with a host of image editing features including portrait optimization.

9. Movavi Photo Editor

This image editing software is easy to use and intuitive. Movavi offers the classic features but also more advanced functions. Among other things, it allows you to restore old images and modify portraits by changing the color of eyes or hair. Movavi is a complete and intuitive paid tool perfect for performing your image editing.


Test these photo editing software and choose the one that best suits your needs to create amazing images.

Do not hesitate to call on a professional graphic designer to retouch your photos and devote yourself fully to your activity.

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