free tools to edit your photos

tools to edit your photos

You have opted for the RAW format for your photographs and you want to make them usable? Do you want to give your image a little pep before sharing it?

Whatever the reason that pushes you to retouch your photo, you must have specific software.

Rest assured, it is not necessarily necessary to buy a license for Photoshop or Lightroom. Free and easy-to-use tools stand out as a good alternative for retouching your photos. Discover our selection!


Let’s start with the best known: Gimp .

Gimp looks like a professional tool. Very complete, it allows you to easily correct the imperfections of your photo. The workspace is modular and customizable. If you encounter difficulties in using this software, you can rely on the very well-provided documentation in French.


Fotor is based on simplicity, but remains very complete. The tools are classified by menu: a first reserved for retouching allows you to crop your image, correct the color, the levels and obviously the contrast, sharpness, saturation and brightness.

Fotor photo editing free

Another menu allows you to go further by adding many effects such as filters. A section is even reserved for touch-ups for portraits (eyes, wrinkles, imperfections, etc.).

An additional menu allows you to add text, frame and stickers.

dark table

It is therefore no surprise that this tool has all the necessary features to retouch your photos in depth: white balance, saturation, vibrance, contrast, shadows, high light, exposure… In short, everything is there, the list of features being still long.

You will therefore have no trouble getting to grips with this software!


There are actually two tools in Pixlr  : Pixlr Express and Pixlr Editor.

Free Pixlr Editor

While the first offers a limited number of tools to allow you to quickly edit your photos, the second allows you to access all of these features. The interface is in French and looks a lot like Photoshop.

A little extra: the tool is available on mobile.

Photo Pos Pro

If this free tool is not the best known on our list, Photo Pos Pro offers advanced tools for retouching your images.

Photos Pos Pro Free

The interface is intuitive and again resembles that of Photoshop, but if you feel lost in the middle of the features offered, the software allows you to select an interface in “novice” mode.

Google Photos (Picasa)

Recently acquired by Google, Picasa has given way to Google Photos , an application allowing you to manage your photos, create albums and montages and of course make some edits.

Google Photos

The features are simple and few in number, but more than enough if you want to do some quick editing.

You can apply a filter, improve brightness and color, and crop your image .


Don’t stop at PhotoFiltre ‘s somewhat outdated look .


Another free software for editing your photos: Photoscape X .

Its interface as well as the many possibilities offered can make you think of Adobe Lightroom.

In addition to being able to add frame, text and stickers on your photos, you can edit a lot of settings, add or reduce noise, add Bokeh effect, smooth skin, etc.

Available only on Windows, has an intuitive interface and many tools to retouch your photos. freeSource: MSPoweruser

Small particularity, you can add additional features by installing plug-ins.

And if you need help using this tool, you can rely on the online community and tutorials.

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

Showing great generosity, Adobe offers you a free alternative to Adobe Photoshop with Photoshop Express Editor .

photo shop express editor

You can imagine that you have access to a limited number of tools here, but these are sufficient to quickly retouch your photos. You are, however, limited to JPG format less than 16 MB.

Remember that the toolkit is more complete when you use the online tool, rather than if you install the Express Editor application.

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