Top 5 Services to Expect When Hiring a UX Agency

Hiring a UX Agency

User Experience (UX) has become a cornerstone in the digital landscape, directly affecting customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and even revenue generation. As businesses scramble to make their digital platforms more user-friendly, the demand for specialised UX agencies has skyrocketed. However, what exactly can you expect when you decide to hire a UX agency? This article elaborates on the top five services you should anticipate when engaging with a UX agency, with a special mention of the blossoming market of UX agencies in Singapore.

UX Research and Strategy

One of the first things a competent UX agency will offer is comprehensive user research. This often involves methods like user interviews, surveys, and usability testing to understand user behaviour, needs, and motivations.

Based on the research, the agency will create a UX strategy. This outlines the user personas, journey maps, and a plan to achieve the business goals while ensuring an optimal user experience.

Information Architecture (IA) Design

Information architecture focuses on organising, structuring, and labelling content effectively. This ensures that users are able to effortlessly navigate through your website or app, finding the information they seek without hassle.

In this phase, the UX agency will create wireframes—basic visual representations of the layout—to serve as a blueprint for the actual design process.

Visual and Interaction Design

Visual design isn’t just about making your platform look good; it’s about ensuring that it aligns with your brand’s identity and communicates the right message. An agency will work on the colour schemes, typography, and other elements that make up the visual layer of your UX.

Interaction design focuses on creating intuitive ways for the user to interact with your platform. This could involve designing specific micro-interactions, transitions, or any element that facilitates user engagement.

Usability Testing

It’s one thing to design a user experience, but it’s another to validate it. Usability testing involves real users who complete specific tasks on your site or app. Their feedback is then analysed to make necessary refinements.

Another approach is A/B testing, where two versions of a webpage or app are compared for performance. This allows the agency to determine which version delivers the most effective user experience.

Ongoing Support and Optimisation

UX is not a ‘one-and-done’ task. It requires ongoing efforts to adapt to new technologies, user expectations, and business objectives. A good UX agency will offer regular updates and continuous optimisation services to ensure that your platform remains top-notch.

Using analytics and performance metrics, an agency can also provide actionable insights for continual improvement. This can also involve changes to meet the evolving industry standards or customer preferences.


Hiring a UX agency is a significant investment, but one that promises a high return when executed correctly. From research and strategy to design and ongoing support, a full-service UX agency will cover a comprehensive range of UX services, ensuring that your digital platform not only meets but exceeds user expectations. With rising players like UX agency in Singapore, the market offers a number of options for businesses to elevate their digital experience. Therefore, understanding what services to expect can guide you in choosing the right agency that aligns with your business objectives.

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