The advantages of social networks, the keys to communication

social networks

We are in the era of virtual communication. Are you wondering what are the major advantages of social networks? Are they a fad or do they really promote social interaction?

Social networks offer many advantages such as keeping in touch with family, friends, following their news, increasing contacts, and much more! You develop your image and you can even advertise at a lower cost .

History of social networks

Social media is an online networking service. They allow individuals and businesses to interact together. The first social network,, was born in 1997. It allows you to create a profile page and send messages to your contacts. In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg created the most used network in the world: the famous Facebook. It’s the door open to networking of all kinds!

What are the main social networks?


With 2.2 billion active users, Facebook is the most widely used. It allows you to interact with your friends by posting content. You can create groups to start a conversation, prospect, share content, gain new fans. For your online advertising, Facebook Ads offers to target your audience for a few euros a day. Your publication will be boosted and visible to a wider audience. Facebook is the favorite media of 40/50 year olds .


It is the social network most used by young people thanks to the sharing of photos and videos. By creating stories, you don’t pollute your friends’ news feed, because it only remains visible 24 hours a day. Targeted advertising on Instagram is booming. With these creative formats, she cheerfully touches her audience. More and more companies or freelancers are using it.


This medium is mainly used for professional exchanges. Open to all ages, it allows you to create your CV and make it visible to employers. Likewise for a professional, LinkedIn is the most suitable social networking platform to find future customers.


We all know the little blue bird that symbolizes Twitter. It generates multiple contacts. By “twitting” on the publications of other active members, you expand your network , whether for personal or commercial purposes. Many artists use it to be seen on the canvas.

Youtube house

YouTube is the 2nd most popular social network with its 82,000 videos viewed in one second worldwide. 62% of companies have created a YouTube channel because their ads are visible to everyone. In France, there are 46 million visitors every month. The visibility of content is around 95%, which means that it is an essential medium today.

Tik Tok

This Chinese application has been exploding with young people since 2017, with 500 million users per month in many countries. It allows the creation of crazy 15-second videos with background music. You can mime a mythical scene, create a playback video or invent a choreography on the hit of the moment. The goal is to get a maximum of followers (followers) thanks to your hashtags (clickable keyword).

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