The 5 Best Korean Dramas on Netflix In 2023

Dramas on Netflix

Feeling bored of watching too many Hollywood shows and movies? Or maybe, you’re feeling adventurous and want to watch some foreign shows like Spanish soap operas and telenovelas, Japanese anime, or Korean dramas? If your choice is Korean dramas, then we’ve got you covered there. In this article, we plan to be sharing some of the best Korean dramas you will find on Netflix.

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After having done that, you can then move on to watching Korean dramas!

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

This K-drama follows a young and talented attorney, Woo Young-woo, who is also on the autism spectrum. Having graduated at the top of her class from the best law school in South Korea, she gets a job at a top law firm, where she learns exceptionally. Furthermore, she even gets the chance to put her knowledge to practice with her colleagues supporting her. She also manages to prove herself to others who are skeptical of her skills, especially because of her condition.

This feel-good rom-com drama is one of our most recommended ones due to the life lessons you learn from this drama. After all, we learn from Woo Young-woo how to never give up or be demotivated by what anyone says or thinks!

The Glory

There’s nothing more satisfying than a well-executed revenge plan on people that deserve the worst. Bullying has always been a problem in schools worldwide and to this day, it still is. This K-drama follows the female protagonist, Moon Dong-eun, as she seeks revenge on her bullies. After having lived through extreme abuse during her high school years, she is back as a teacher and ready to her plan into motion.

We recommend this K-drama as it has a bit of realism in terms of the bullying bits, however, it is definitely not something you should pick up if you are sensitive to all of this. Furthermore, what makes this drama worthwhile is Song Hye-kyo’s (Moon Dong-eun’s actress) amazing acting and how she delivers the character perfectly!

Alchemy of Souls

This K-drama is nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. This isn’t just an everyday rom-com drama, rather it also includes the supernatural elements of soul-swapping magic, action, heartbreak, and more. The story follows Jang Uk, a nobleman belonging to a prestigious family, with a less-than-favorable reputation, and Nak-su, a powerful sorceress, trapped in a blind woman’s body. The two of them decide to make a pact and help each other out in order to achieve what they most want.

This drama was so popular that it received a second season shortly after the first season had ended. This drama has made it onto our list because of its popularity and how unique it is as compared to the usual format or flow that other K-dramas follow. If you like supernatural shows and all, this is the drama for you!

Crash Landing on You

In this K-drama, we get to see an unusual romance, or we can even say, a sort of forbidden romance. Yoon Se-ri, a South Korean heiress lands within the borders of North Korea during a paragliding accident. Ri Jeong-hyeok is a North Korean soldier who just happened to be there at the time of this accident. He decides to help her hide in order to keep her safe and from there, the two fall in love and have to overcome many obstacles.

This drama was extremely popular when it was first released and even now, it is a very popular romance drama that people enjoy. Fun Fact: This drama gained even more popularity once the two protagonists in the drama confirmed that they were dating in real life. Also, they went on to get married and had a son so, overall, fans were extremely happy to know that their favorite stars actually ended up together.

Crash Course in Romance

We all know how scandals and celebrity gossip can play out and quickly turn ugly. It’s not really good, but it is definitely interesting to watch. Especially if it means you are getting to see the real story along with the ridiculous gossip. This is the case in this K-drama where a celebrity math teacher at a popular private school gets mixed up in the life of a former athlete, who has left her passion to take care of her family after her mother’s death.

This drama was released in 2023, which is probably why you might be hearing about it for the first time. It might not be a super popular drama, but it has made it onto this list because it is a great one!

Wrapping Up!

There are plenty of other dramas that we haven’t gotten to mention here and that is because we don’t want to make this article too long. And of course, you also need to catch up with all of these dramas before you move on to the next. So, if the internet connection is what’s holding you back from putting on these dramas and enjoying them, you can visit us by clicking the link.

Then, switch out your current internet connection for a new one and you won’t have to worry about a slow streaming experience ever again!

Well, which is the first K-drama you will be watching? We would also love to know which ones you have already watched, if any. And if you are looking forward to a part 2 of this list, then we just might make that too, but no promises!

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